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At Northern Star Innovation, our mission is to help your organization become more innovative.

What does that mean?


We help organizations continue their success by adopting innovation processes, methodologies and tools that will enable them be more responsive to change and more agile in creating and implementing business opportunities. 

We do this through providing practical and engaging innovation training and workshops, and advising on the creation of a systematic innovation culture across the organization.



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Senior Innovation Consultant & Founder

Eli Itin is Founder and Senior Innovation Consultant at Northern Star Innovation, a boutique consultancy specializing in the creation and management of organizational innovation. Eli is an Australian who worked in the Israeli innovation ecosystem, both with government and the private sector for over 16 years and is now back in Australia. His clients include(d) the Israeli Police, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EY, Merck, NICE, Micron (Intel), and Fritz (FedEx). Previously he was the Head of Organizational Innovation at Amdocs, and has over 20 years’ international experience in a variety of business/marketing/innovation roles.

Eli advises on innovation tools, methodologies and strategy. He provides unique presentations, workshops and training using best practice tools to empower employees to turn their creativity into tangible and positive change.

Eli has an MBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) from the IDC, Herzliya, as well as degrees in Law and Commerce from UNSW, Sydney, Australia. He lectures on innovation at conferences and at leading universities, including innovation courses of MIT, Columbia, and Dartmouth.

Eli is passionate about the power of systematic innovation to clarify challenges, crystallize solutions, and create real value.



"We had the pleasure of inviting Eli to conduct an innovation workshop for our newly appointed ambassadors and heads of missions. Eli's workshop gave our diplomats new tools and methodologies to help them find creative solutions to challenges that they face and find new ways of planning ahead. I am happy to recommend Eli as an engaging presenter and trainer and an expert on innovation management." 

Ilana Stein
Cadet Course Director
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel


"Eli is an expert in managing the innovation process, a true professional, who develops and implements tools and methods for enhancing innovation at different stages of the innovation process, from the first phase of the generation of novel ideas to the phase of implementation. Eli gave a number of lectures on innovation to our students and also coordinated a workshop in which he taught us tools for idea generation. We are proud to continue collaborating with Eli on the development of additional workshops to enhance innovation processes and culture."

Prof. Erez Miriam
Innovation Professor
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology




"If your company isn’t regularly transforming original ideas into net value, then “innovation” is more buzzword than actual differentiator." In this article, I explore some of the ways in which organizations can implement and manage on-going innovation to create value and a sustainable advantage.


How Do You Create and Manage an Innovation Culture in Large Organizations? (Hebrew 00:00 - 05:14, English 05:15 - 21:13) In this presentation, filmed at the New-Tech Israel Start-Up Conference 2016, I introduce the basic building blocks of Creating an Innovation Culture and Managing Organizational Innovation.
Eli Itin: The Third Alternative - A TEDx style talk which I had presented at the VIA (Values In Action) talks at IDC Herzliya in 2015.
Where is mobile video advertising heading? Is 2017 the year of mobile digital video? What changes will VR, AR and other new UIs bring to the digital mobile arena?

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